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He hasn't acted in a Taiwanese movie in ages!

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However, the ending was a bit of a disappointment for me. For Asian drama and '90s junkies.

Music was fantastic and contributed to my roller coaster of emotions. Even though the ending was better than others, and gave some nice kur to the story, it still didn't feel right.

Our Times still - H Courtesy of Jimmy Lee (Li Ssu Chang)/Hualien Media International. Remember when the Our Times craze practically swept the nation and all of Asia back in ? If you're one of those who can't get enough of. Other than that, it was an enjoyable movie.

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Dino Lee is cute too but his character was just kind of one-dimensional in my opinion. Movies like this always give me a warm and fuzzy feeling, so if timw guys are looking for that don't miss this! I especially loved Wang Da Lu.

It did remind me of Reply as well. His scene with Joe Chen, although too short, was adorable and I wished it was longer!

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The star power of the three of them added to this movie too. This movie louisville craigslsit such a roller coaster of emotions. Music 10 Rewatch Value 8. I've been playing that song on repeat ever since.

Wow, he's such a versatile actor, I feel heartbroken when he's crying and impressed by his fighting scenes. Few of them had a satisfying ending tkme a closure or at least a conclusion to the romance.

When will it be released?

Of course, Hime Sung portrayed the clumsy albeit a little awkward teenager very well. Critic Reviews for Our Times · A smartly cast, sweetly nostalgic teen romance with juvenile storytelling. Re-watch value is high! This is a very Cinderella feel movie, and being a sucker for those, I fell in love with the story.

Taiwanese hit movie our times is getting a sequel! here's everything we know so far

The performances helped with it as well. · The. As I've said, after watching many school themed movies, I should have expected this to happen.

The plot isn't anything new but the execution was done extremely well. The production act also made sure everything was binance 2fa the tume, the BB callers, the clothes, the food was all authentic from that time period. Also, I loved the sweet innocent romance, as the love story, even though it was full of cliche, it was enjoyable and warm.

The pace was nice, not too fast but not to slow to be tiring and boring. I definitely think many girls can relate to this movie and reminisce about their past. · So what if Our Times does not reinvent the wheel?

Was this review helpful to you? TWITTER. Loved the cast! I admit I also screamed like a fan girl when I heard Andy Lau was playing a small role as a guest in this movie.