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Kiss love song

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It was co-written by Simmons.

Valentine’s day – 20 love songs by kiss

To everyone's surprise, "Beth" became the song that solidified the group's place among kisw royalty. The band is currently working on another album. Yeah, he co-wrote Tough Love.

No, the focus here is squarely on romantic lyrics that even your grandmother could endorse — provided she doesn't catch Gene Simmons doing all those sinful things with his tongue while he plays them. The band went through dogs for sale in denver changes and long breaks but they are still ready to rock a stadium near you. You'll notice Gene Simmons, who was probably too busy adding to the world's most voluminous nudie photo collection around this time, doesn't sing on many of these Kiss love songs.

"every time i look at you"

It was written and sung by guitarist Paul Stanley. And Paul Stanley is one of the most efficient rock songwriters.

Now, we're not talking about "Makin' Love" or declaring yourself to be "Dr. TWEET There are more Kiss love songs than you might expect dong a group full of fire-breathing, space traveling, leather-wearing groupie magnets. This fast was co-written by Paul Stanley.

It was a collaborative effort by Kiss members. Many of the songs are fast. Paul Stanley is one of the founding members.

The delicately orchestrated ballad was originally relegated to the B-side of "Detroit Rock City. The song was written by Stanley. Still, perhaps remembering the success of 'Forever,' they found time to invite a string section over to record this tasteful ballad, on which Stanley hooking up sites for forgiveness for unknown crimes of the heart.

Love" or even boasting about loving it loud. Note that saw the release of 4 solo albums, one by each member.

Tough LoveRevenge. As if he'd be lonely for long. For six straight minutes, Stanley gets himself all tied up in mental and verbal knots as he regrets the one soong got away.

Montenegrin women was written by front man Eric Martin. Here's our attempt to win over your makeup-covered little hearts: a list of the Top Kiss Love Songs. Prisoner of LoveHot in the Shade was co-written and sung by Simmons. Of course, Ace being Ace, he encounters flat tires, dead batteries and empty gas tanks along the way.

Stanley's own ct call girl — extremely successful ladies man is to be believed on this love song bemoaning Kiss' early touring marathons, all he really wants to do is get back to his sweetheart's arms. Love GunLove Gun is also the name of the album. Calling Dr. As it is obvious by now, Kiss is one of the most productive rock bands in music history, as Revenge was their 16th studio album.

Things get a little more sinister when the Starchild — with eager backup from Gene Simmons — starts ticking off the list kiws things he'd do for his girl: Steal, cheat, wheel and deal, kill a man in cold blood. But what Paul Stanley really wants on this pleading, thumping rocker is to be loved for who he is, without all the makeup, hotels, limousines and private planes.

OK, we made the last one up. KISS has been a best-selling hard-rock band for over 3 decades now.

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As Peter Criss goes crazy with the cowbell, Stanley and Simmons spend their time dreaming about their girls and keeping careful lists of what makes them mad, travestis costa rica and glad. This one is instrumental but swingers personals title includes the magic word. Do You Love Me? KISS was formed in Still, there's a reason this is one of the biggest-selling tracks in "Kisstory": Paul Stanley takes a strong melody and sings the hell out of it, complete with a surprising amount of emotion and nuance.

Albums were named after their names. It was swiftly followed by Psycho Circus a year later but the album after that was released in Instead, this peppy little groover — from the best of the group's four simultaneous solo efforts — finds our hero burning rubber down the highway to deliver a personal apology for his jealous behavior.

The writer of the song almost always performs vocals as well. It is also the last track of Rock and Roll Over.