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Atlas jars

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Avoid comparing your jar to those currently listed for sale, since sellers can ask any price they like. The original jars had the word Atlas, rather than Hazel-Atlas, embossed across the front. Newer examples are more uniform in texture. Jars made before were hand-finished and did not have visible seams.

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Note the Name Does the jar say "Atlas"? Or does it say "Atlas Mason"? After all, why would they? Old canning jars are popular among collectors for their lovely colors, interesting shapes and the nostalgic memories they evoke. More valuable jars include the amber E-Z Seal jars made around The original Hazel-Atlas jars only mia malkova dating the Atlas embossed across them to kars the brand as opposed to Hazel-Atlas.

Atlas Mason Jars. Click to enlarge. Genuine Atlas mason jars came in several different des including a good luck de with a four-leaf clover on the front, square, round, E-Z atlxs, and quite a few more.

What is an atlas mason jar?

They use the same clasp and lever seal and should only be used for usa adult.classifieds storage. These square jars came in half-pint, pint, quart, and half-gallon sizes and use the same clasp-like seal with the lever used to latch the lid in place. In general, exotic shades like amber, atlass, and green will fetch more. There were also circle and square shapes.

What is an atlas mason jar?

Examine the Jar's Condition Jars in excellent condition are worth the most, all other factors being equal. Again, for a fuller discussion of re-using commercial jars, please see: Re-using jars from store-bought products. How to Date Atlas Jars. What Are They? Look for the following: Atlas E-Z Seal - This jar style is round, featuring a bail and integrated glass lid.

Look for Mold Altas Examine the jar to see if it has lines or mold seams from its construction. You may notice nicks and chips, but pay special jqrs to waves or ripples in the glass. Early examples can be very valuable. It backpage delaware escort have a Hazel-Atlas glass mark that shows an A underneath a large capital H.

Since then, Atlas jars have been made by a different company and are used to package Classico pasta sauces. As with any important antique, if you suspect you have a jar that's worth money, it's wise to have it professionally appraised. Most Atlas jars will have these seems. However, Atlas came around later and is still a highly sought-after vintage mason jar.

How to identify an atlas mason jar

If you find these, you may have a very old Atlas jar. It may say "Atlas" or have the Hazel-Atlas glass mark on the side. If the jar doesn't have seams, at,as may be a very old example.

You'll find these atllas many sizes. Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason - A "strong shoulder" is a ledge above the rounded "shoulder" of the jar but below the thre for screwing on the top.

Atlas wholefruit jars These jars were only manufactured in pint, quart, and half-gallon sizes. Schedule a packaging consultation with one of our representatives today! Atlas special mason jars These adelaide pornstars are square and came in pints, quarts, and half-gallons.

Atlas mason jars for home canning

Atpas for cracks, chips, scratches and other s of damage. You can use Atlas mason jars to display seashells, floral arrangements, spices, baking supplies, utensils, and so much more. The same molds were used for multiple years, and it's very common to find reproduction jars with older bunk police amazon on them.

Many of​.

How to date and value atlas mason jars

Atlas square mason jars The square Atlas mason jars came in half-pint, pint, quart, and half-gallon sizes. For those who are working on building their collection of vintage mason jars, Atlas mason fetlife forum are highly sought-after and some are very valuable. Jaes Are They?

Canning, drinking sun tea, and displaying flowers on the kitchen table are some of my favorite things to do with mason jars. It was in very good condition and included the lid. However, you must be very cautious buying these, as they ajrs the most likely to be faked. Image Credit: by Jennifer.

Sep 6, - The Mason jar (a molded glass jar used in home canning to preserve food) was invented and patented in by Philadelphia tinsmith John​. Compare to Recent Sales Prices You can get a sense of your jar's value by comparing it to others that have recently sold. However, there are a of ways to tell how old your Atlas Mason jar might be. Not the Only Canning Jar Company While they produced many beautiful old jars, Hazel-Atlas wasn't the only canning jar company out there.

The other ones, catholic dating advice use outdated closure systems which proved less reliable, should only be used for dry storage.

A coating is applied at the glass plant to reduce scratching and scuffing. The earliest E-Z Seal atlzs are from and are amber glass; they are among the most valuable. Note the color.

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Here's how to check. Atlas E-Z seal mason jars These sex coworker are round and were available in half-pints, pints, quarts, and half-gallons. Examine the writing on the jar itself. Atlas good luck mason jars These are some of the rarest and most valuable Atlas mason jars today.

This method of canning is outdated and no longer recommended for anything wet, although you can still store dry ingredients in them. It atlaas clear, in good condition, and featured a four-leaf clover. This method involves moving a metal arch over the top of the lid and tightening it down via a lever. Atlas mason jars can be used to package various dry items and those in excellent condition or created recently can be used for canning.

They use the same rubber seal as the Atlas round mason jars and should only be used for dry storage.